We AFTPL provide Coolant Management Service that could work with a customer, at a customer’s facility and help them reduce costs and to highlight environmental concerns through on site recycling. This was to better service our growing coolant business and be a better asset to our customers.

This helps us serve more customers, broadened our customer base and brought new ideas, people and information together, which has been a great asset in all areas of our business.

AFTPL provides services and quality of products to almost every each aspect of the metalworking process. We not only provide coolant management services but also provide products a complete line of required industry, we provide equipment and safety products for every operation. AFTPL is an expert in the supply of metalworking fluid as well as in Recycling.

Some of the lines and products we offer:
  • Metal Working Fluid sales – Cleaning Fluids, Removal, Forging, Protecting, Surface Finishing, Fluid Power, Forming & Heat Treatment.
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Recycling Equipment
  • Improved Tools Life
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Reduction in the purchase of coolant concentrate
  • Increase in quality of finished products
  • Prevent problems with heating of Tools
  • No internal labour cost of mixing or machine cleaning


C Through Seprator NJT 1560
Automatic Chip Centrifuge - Service page

We offer a comprehensive equipment’s from one sources for the handling maintenance of our products.


C through separator helps:

• Increase Fluid Life
• Increased Tool Life
• Decrease in machine downtime
• Decrease in hazardous fluid disposal
• Reduce waste disposal


Description :-

The C through separator product is designed to remove tramp oil from soluble cutting oil cleaner/Heat Treatment Emulsion. It is very compact, portable transparent unit made of seamless tough polymer material, easy installation with magnetic attachment to the machine. It removes solid and liquid contamination from coolants and cleaners throughout the metalworking and pre-treatment industries.

This equipment is highly efficient that removes tramp oil from coolant compared to conventional products like belt skimmers. It holds about 10 ltr. Coolant and separate Tramp oil efficiently.


Specifically designed to reduce coolant disposal through recycling, the Freddy industrial coolant vacuums reduce waste, prevent potential health hazards and associated costs.


  • To clean the remote and difficult placed tanks under machines.
  • Filter the water soluble coolant fast rate.
  • To Check Portability of machine and its convenience in operation.
  • To clean shop floor and keep Hygienic atmosphere in shop to shop


  • Clean Shop Floor without bad order or smell.
  • Friendly and healthy environment for your operator.
  • Top-up of oil will get reduced and thus saving for the organization.
  • Save time and money on handling and cleaning tank.
  • Save up to 90% on Fluid Waste Cost



• Saving in cutting oil
• Less Manpower
• Recycle of cutting oil


In CNC Machines to preserve tool condition high grade cutting oil is used over longer period. In the machining operation this cutting oil is stick to chips generated.

Due to huge surface area of metal chips a large quantity of oil is stuck to the metal chips. Most of the oil is filtered by holding chips but 100% not recover of the oil is stuck. In the manufacturing a large quantity of cutting oil is wasted. To avoid this or to save cutting oil CHIP WRINGER machine is used in many manufacturing companies.



A refractor is an investment that pays for itself almost instantly. Properly maintained cutting fluid concentration prevents wasting coolant, protects machines and tools, reduces disposal and produces better parts. Measuring coolant concentration with a refractometer takes less than a minute for checking of concentration Refractometer is used & for quick and precise determination of the concentration of coolant emulsions.

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